Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rescued are the ugly, plain, maple cabinets, I turned into something FABULOUS!!

The original cabinets (light maple)

So my latest project was painting my cabinets in the master bath.  Originally, they were a light maple color with shiny silver knobs.  The transformation was   AMAZING!

The primer is on after sanding down the cabinets!

gray-tinted Bullseye primer used

Once primer is dry, sand again, and start painting!!  I first used a roll brush, but found that I liked the look of using the paint brush better.  

1st coat of black satin latex paint, sand a little, then apply 2nd coat.  

Distress the edges and corners as much as you like, ( I like a lot of distressing)!  Try and get through all the paint to reveal the wood underneath.  Stain those areas, I chose a darker brown stain pen that I bought at Lowes.  The stain pen is definitely less messy and easy to apply!
I finished by using Paste Finishing Wax, also bought at Lowes.
They turned out GREAT!!!
I do need to give credit to a tutorial that I found on Pinterest for giving me a few pointers...
forgot to add that I sanded, then spray painted those silver knobs!  I used an oil rubbed bronze spray paint I found at... you guessed it... LOWES!!!  love that store!

Friday, May 20, 2011

9 pane window with crackle finish

So I finally finished this window for a friend of mine and I have to admit, I wasn't digging the crackle finish at first.  It wasn't crackling right and then it was too much crackle, but after much tweaking, I really do like it now!  It's looks very neat!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

cute project for kids room!

A little cork board and scrapbook paper turns this window frame into a cool, chic, bulletin board for a kids room!

Art show

I went to an Arts and Garden show last week and I guess I had high hopes to sell ALL my windows, but that didn't happen.  Everyone LOVED them but I think it was more of a show to look at stuff and that people weren't prepared to buy :(   Oh well, better luck next time!  Here are some more pics of more windows and at the show!

a new idea

A few weeks ago, I set out to try something new!  Turning something old into something new and repurposed.  I spent weeks in search of old wood window frames then spent countless hours turning them into fabulous antiqued looking shelves for your walls!  Take a look at the pics below to see my very first one I made !