Friday, March 29, 2013

Vintage table

I bought this little gem on Craigslist!! I thought this would be a really fun piece to paint. I choose an Annie Sloan color- Florence. It's an awesome mixture of green and blue- sort of like a deep teal! Beautiful!!!

I cleaned up the table a little and fixed some of the cracked areas on the top with some wood filler. After that dried, I sanded and applied 2 coats of paint. This stuff goes on really easily and took me no time at all!!

Waxing comes after the paint has dried. I applied the clear wax first, doing small areas at a time. After you apply the wax, you have to buff it out which produces that nice little sheen finish!

Time for some distressing... I took my handy dandy 180 grit sandpaper and went to town! I did all the edges pretty heavily and did some areas along the sides! It's awesome!

I plan on going over the whole thing with the dark wax, same technique as the clear. The dark wax is awesome because it gives it more of an aged, antiqued look!!

Just have add some new funky hardware and we will be all set!!

This table is for sale!! $100

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 This was gonna be a fun project, I thought, as I checked this thing out!  It is GOLD... WOW!   And that's not a good WOW,  the gold paint even had little black specks in it.  UGH!!!  I couldn't wait to get my hands on this.  Since this was a metallic gold color, I needed to use a good primer.  I chose to use a spray primer because of all the intricate detail.  B-I-N Zinnser Shellac Primer is a fabulous product and it comes in a spray form... SCORE!!!  I used the entire can to ensure I coated this piece well!  

After coating with primer and letting it dry, I sprayed this piece using my handy dandy paint sprayer!  The color is an antique white, which is a slight off white.  

2 coats of paint and I used my brush for a 3rd coat on the top and a couple areas of the trim!

The paint has dried and is now ready for glazing!  Glazing will give this piece the antiqued, aged look it's screaming for!  The glaze with sit in ALL those cracks and crevices! Check out the difference in the drawers! The top one glazed and the bottom one is not.

Glazing is underway...

I lOVE how the the sides look!!!  I used a small paint brush and basically just painted around all the edges, let it dry slightly, then wiped away any of the excess. 

TEDIOUS TASK...  this is what took the longest!  But well worth it!

 After letting everything dry for at least 24 hours... time for a clear coat.  I usually use a Polycrylic and brush it on but again, this piece has SO much detail, I wanted to use a spray form.  Polycrylic has a spray in all 3 finishes... clear satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.
I personally like the satin since I don't like things too glossy!  

The clear coating has dried and it's time to attach the hardware.  This hardware is original to the piece and didn't need changing.  It went with the new look perfectly!  

I LOVE HOW THIS TURNED OUT!! and my customer was equally pleased!!!

What a difference!