I LOVE FURNITURE MAKEOVERS!!! If you are anything like me, you don't want to spend too much $$ on new furniture!  So I either take what I have and PAINT it, or I visit my local Habitat, Salvation Army, or Goodwill store.  I don't always find something that I want so I just keep looking until I find a gem!! 

I found this below at Salvation army and it has become a fabulous piece in my office!  Everyone that comes in my house comments on it and even want to buy it!  Sorry, not for sale!  

I found this gem at Metrolina Expo, hiding in the corner! It was white and gold-UGLY! Painted black and distressed!  **SOLD**
 Cool dresser from Craigslist that now has a home in my laundry room! I don't like buying things from Craigslist because I don't like going to people's houses but sometimes you really find great deals! 

We moved into a new house and the cabinets are all builder grade.  They needed some work! Painted in black, distressed, and changed the hardware!!

Grandfather clock made from cheap veneer- DIY chalkpaint in antique white, distressed and waxed!

Corner cabinet that was once painted brown- painted in Duck Egg, glazed, backing replaced with beadboard!  

FREE*** someone elses trash--- my treasure!  My daughter's new desk!

 I finally got the bug to paint my kitchen cabinets- again the builder grade-light maple! Now they are a slighly off white with brown glaze!  

 What used to be a gold chest...

 Another Craigslist find that I bought because I just wanted a little piece to try this color on!  Still trying to find cool hardware for this!  **FOR SALE**  $75.00

Plain cabinet with lots of storage inside!  Painted in Duck Egg and Paris Grey, distressed and waxed! **SOLD**

 Everyone has had an entertainment center that they now have no use for due to the flat screen TV's!  So I turned this unique entertainment center into a one of a kind bar!  Complete with a wine bottle holder and wine glass holders! 
**FOR SALE**  $400.00

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