Monday, March 12, 2012

Wine Table!

How cute is this little wine table?!  Ok, you have to look beyond the gold

 trim on this thing!  I am planning to sand this puppy done and make it look completely 

different.  This cute piece has a small drawer, 2 solid shelves, and 2 wine racks that will hold 8 bottles.  I have this same exact piece in my dining room and I LOVE IT!  This one will be done in black, and it will be distressed!  Finished pictures will be posted soon!

a little black satin paint, distressing all the edges and WA-LA...

I did apply some dark stain to bare wood on the edges to darken it up a little. 

After completely dried, the entire piece got a coat of Polycrylic!

I love this piece and I am thrilled on how it went from real old and dingy to absolutley beautiful!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I love spraypainting the ugliness of all the brass in my house!  First to go was the towel rings and hooks in the master bathroom! They look fabulous.  After sanding them down, they were ready to be painted!  
Next up on my DIY list is all the ugly brass hinges and door knobs.  They look so much better and way more budget friendly! The door knobs were pretty easy.  The worst part is waiting for the paint to dry to put the knobs back on.  Once I did though, the transformation was incredible!  The hinges made a great impact also! I only took off one hinge off at a time on each door, so I wouldn't have to take down the doors.  I can't wait to get the whole house done!

And lastly, I couldn't stand looking at the brass/chrome combo light fixtures in the master bathroom.  I wish I had taken a before picture, so you could see what a dramatic transformation it was!  I didn't take down the fixtures, just removed all the glass globes and light bulbs, and taped up a bunch of newspaper around where I was spraypainting.  
These are not my favorite fixtures, but they are more tolerable now!  

My $7 can of spraypaint sure has gone a long way!  
( Oh I almost forgot... also painted the brass cabinets knobs in master bath and laundry room)