Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aldyn's kitchen

I've started another cabinet job and this one is desperately needed! Very dark wood, dark floors, dark wood moldings! We are gonna lighten the cabinets up with some antique white and brown glaze for a antiqued look! The room is already lightened up with just the primer!!  


Prep work is the most important step...without it your paint will NOT stick!  SO be sure to properly clean to remove all grease and grime! Paint won't stick to that!  Sand surfaces to scuff them up a bit, or use a deglosser.  Choose a good primer. I tend to use a oil based primer or a shellac based primer to assure your paint adheres!! After priming is dried, you have to sand them down again lightly just to smooth them out.  You don't want rough surfaces, so the key is to SAND, SAND, SAND!!!
Now I am ready to paint!

Below is the cabinets just about done! All the doors are attached and the glazing complete!  Beadboard is being added to the ends of the cabinets to give it a more custom look!! Those will be glazed as well! Sorry about the quality of these pics... they were taken with my phone.  Better pics will be posted.  I was just excited about this transformation!  And as you can see, the wallpaper is down! woohoo! I can't wait to see this kitchen after the walls are painted.  

check out the before and after!!! 

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