Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hardware-easy transformation

If you have some old brass hardware on your piece of furniture, a quick fix to brighten up your piece is to change the hardware!!  If you like the hardware itself, then a change in color will make a huge difference!!  A lot of the old drawer pulls are a little wider with the holes than newer hardware making it hard to find a replacement so painting them is the only option! 
I was painting a whole bedroom suite light gray and had a hard time figuring out what color the hardware would be... I wanted to do black but thought it would be too much of a stark contrast against this warm light gray. So I experimented! 

After cleaning all the hardware, I painted the them using my favorite spray paint, rustoleum's satin black. This spray paint   has primer in it making it extra durable!  Let dry overnight.  

My next favorite product is Briwax liming wax! It's white and is just so pretty when it's used! Using a small short brush, like a  chip brush, apply a small amount of wax everywhere, paying close attention to any crevices ( that's where you want the wax to sit).  After a minute, wipe off and see the beauty! If you wiped off too much, repeat the process! 

It is a learning process so be patient. Once you have the technique down, the possibilities are endless! You'll be waxing everything! 

Happy painting and waxing!!