Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Guest Bathroom redo Part 1

Guest Bathroom Redo! 

This was one of the first projects I tackled when we moved into our new house!   I was so tired of looking at "builder grade" cabinets, mirrors, & countertops in the bathrooms.
So I had to do the easiest thing first... the cabinets! I had been experimenting with different kinds of paint.  I had previously used just regular latex paint, and now I wanted to try milk paint.  So out I went to get some black milk paint at a Woodcraft store in Matthews, NC.  
The paint went on pretty easily, had a flat finish, and left all the brush strokes.  Not to bad if you wanted that handpainted look, which I thought looked kind of old and vintage!  

I first sanded, primed, then painted 2 coats of black milk paint.  Then I had to distress all the corners and edges, to give it that aged look!  I focused a little more on the corners where it would normally be worn.  I didn't like the raw wood color coming through when I distressed, so I used a dark stain to those areas.  Now it looks great!  The last step was to clear coat the entire vanity.  I used Polycrylic satin finish to complete this look! 
Oh I almost forgot the most important part... I went to Target and bought a pack of these crystal knobs that make it look like a little antique cabinet and not just an ugly old plain vanity!
A Must have!
Stay tuned for the mirror redo...  I am working on that now and will post pics as soon as it complete!