Monday, April 29, 2013

Goodwill Cabinet!

I love when I go into Salvation Army or Goodwill and find GREAT pieces!!! I went into Goodwill over the weekend and saw this wood cabinet.  I was a little skeptical at first but for the price, I knew it should be mine!! It doesn't have any detail on it but I figured ANY color paint would look great on it!  

So I chose my handy dandy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) and went to work!  I chose 2 very popular colors, Paris Grey and Duck Egg Blue.  Everyone I know, LOVES Duck Egg Blue! 

The nice thing about the ASCP, is that you don't have to sand OR prime!!  It's a fabulous paint to for ANY project!  

 The Cabinet with a coat of Paris Grey

The paint dries pretty fast and within a couple hours, I painted the Duck Egg over the grey.  I love distressing and the ASCP makes it so easy to do it!  With a clean damp cloth, wipe off the areas of normal wear!  With a little elbow grease, the paint will come right off!  I particularly like where some of the grey comes through! For heavier distressing, use sandpaper or a sponge with that green rough side! 

 Clear Wax applied with a clean, lint free cloth.  Work in small areas and after you apply the wax, quickly wipe off excess!  Applying the dark wax works the same way.  If you feel like you have to much dark, take a little clear wax and "erase" those areas!  It takes a little practice to get the look you want! 
I actually didn't like the texture that I saw between the Duck Egg and the grey so I sanded the top and made it REAL smooth!  I like it much better now!!! 

This piece will look great in ANY space.  It has great storage space inside making it a MUST HAVE!!!