Friday, January 4, 2013

Dresser RE-DO for my laundry room

Another Great FIND!

I found this gem on Craigslist and had to have it! I have been looking for a unique piece to put in my laundry room.  I wanted something with some character and fun lines! This dresser has a curvy front and horizontal slats on the side, and little keyholes on each drawer.  I can't wait to paint this!!!

Using a DIY recipe for chalk paint, ( from I decided on Aspen Gray by Valspar. 

1st coat of chalk paint... I only sanded the top of the dresser and did not prime!  That's the beauty of the chalk paint!  

After the second coat is dried, the distressing begins!  This also de-stressing ME!  HAHA!!  

I wanted to try something new with this piece, so in the areas that I distressed the most, I applied a crackle medium.  Let that dry for a little more than an hour, then apply a coat of paint over it. Be careful though, brush the paint over the crackle medium only once.  More than one brush over with mess it up!  It only takes a few minutes and the crackle starts to show!  This is awesome!  And a word of advice from experience... if you applying the crackle to the side of something, make sure you put that side UP.  It will turn out so much better! 

Doesn't this look GREAT?!  
I love it.  
I haven't added the drawer pulls yet, but those will be spray painted black.  

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